Strata Refurbishment

Refurbishment of strata title properties including painting, render, brickwork, carpentry, window and balustrade replacements, flashing repairs and waterproofing

Strata Painting

Internal or external. Specialising in multi storey work utilising scaffolding, cherry pickers, work platforms and swinging stages. Dulux AcraTex trained applicators for decorative, textured and protective coatings.

Residential Painting

Internal and external residential painting. New work and repaints. Quick, clean and tidy. We treat your home as though it was our own.

Strata Title Multi Story Painting

Internal and external residential painting. New work and repaints. Quick, clean and tidy. We treat your home as though it was our own.

Commercial Painting

Factories, offices, schools, showrooms and warehouses, we have a proven track record of delivering quality projects within limited time frames and with minimal disruption to existing tenants, businesses and owners.

Roof Membranes

Flat concrete roofs need their roof membranes to be periodically maintained or replaced to ensure water tightness, especially for top floor occupants, and to protect the structure of the building.

Spalling Concrete

Corroding steel reinforcement expands in volume causing the surrounding concrete to become drummy and loose and ‘spall’ or fall away. Sometimes referred to as concrete cancer, this can be a serious safety issue and only gets worse and more costly to repair if left unattended. Hydex specialises in spalling concrete repairs.

Magnesite Floor & Concrete Cancer Repair

Magnesite was widely used in the 1960’s and 70’s as a floor levelling compound for concrete floor slabs in unit blocks. Unfortunately, now it has been found to leach corrosive chlorides (especially when wetted) into the concrete, accelerating corrosion of the steel reinforcement and spalling concrete or concrete cancer. Left untreated it can spread throughout the building and become costly to repair. Hydex specialises in magnesite floor repairs.

Carpentry and General Building Repairs

We can complete all types of building repairs including carpentry, brickwork and tiling. The benefit of working with Hydex is the building owner or strata manager only needs to deals with one reliable builder who then co-ordinates the required trades, saving time and money, especially if expensive access equipment is on hire.

Cavity Flashing Repairs

A common building defect leading to internal moisture problems is caused by damaged or poorly installed cavity flashings. This in another area for Hydex specialist remedial repairs.

Internal Foyer and Stairwell Fire Safety Upgrades

Council Fire Order? New fire doors, smoke detectors and alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, signage and fire sealing. Compliant balustrades replacements, carpet, tiling and painting. Certification of Fire Safety Measures and Annual Fire Safety Statements.  Please contact us if you need assistance bringing your building up standard.